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What can I expect out of Wolf Creek?

You get a process refined over 19 years that focuses on your success.

The team at Wolf Creek Technology has been producing everything from CD-ROM and web based courseware to desktop and web applications for over 19 years. We have developed a number of processes over the years designed to provide you with the best possible solution in a reasonable amount of time, and at an affordable cost.

Our customers in the defense industry, government, and small business have found this process to be a solution that has kept them satisfied and coming back for additional projects and support. Wolf Creek Technology is committed to “Developing your success on the web!”

Our process for designing and developing a website includes 7 steps aimed at success for our customers. The process includes:

Step 1: Strategy

Web Design Des Moines Iowa

The strategy step is one of the most crucial, and often overlooked, steps of a designing a website or application. It’s the launching pad for your project! There are 4 key components of a good web design strategy and they center on these questions:

  • What are the goals for redesigning your website?
  • What is the message you wanted communicated?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do you stand out from the competition?

Step 2: Plan

Web Design Des Moines Iowa

When you have developed your strategy, then you can begin planning by asking some important questions, determining what your assets are and defining the content you want to communicate. You will also need to determine where you may need additional outside support or expertise.

Step 3: Design

Web Design Des Moines Iowa

The top challenges for companies when they want a website designed/redesigned were lack of time (23%) and lack of personnel resources or in-house expertise (22%). That is where Wolf Creek Technology comes in, our design process includes creating a wireframe of your new site and a graphic mock-up to finalize the “look and feel.”

Step 4: Build

Web Design Des Moines Iowa

One we reach this stage of the process we will create a development version of your site for testing and to finalize all content. Unless you otherwise specify, it will be built on our proven and user friendly GenesisCore framework. This development site will be used as the final once it has passed your review.

Step 5: Test

Web Design Des Moines Iowa

Before your site is ever made public we will optimize all the content, add an analytic tool, and begin testing to make sure your site is not only pleasing to the eye, but functional. We are looking at keywords, file size, navigational links and images, as well as tweaking each page to be as search engine friendly as possible.

Step 6: Promote

Web Design Des Moines Iowa

On the actual launch date we will have “all hands on deck” to make sure everything goes smoothly. The site will not be published and made public until you give the ok. At this stage we will assist you with creating an ongoing content strategy and give you the keys to your new site so you can start adding new content such as blogging. The new site will be promoted via social media, blogs, press releases, and email.

Step 7: Analyze

Web Design Des Moines Iowa

Within 1 week of the launch we will run a check to make sure your site has been indexed with the major search engines. There will be a number of housecleaning items to take care of ensuring the search engines can “crawl” your site to validate its content and structure. We will setup a report system to let you know how your site is doing 1, 3 and 6 months from now.


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