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What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

It's not voodo or magic... just know how and hard work.

SEO Des Moines IowaSearch engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) display sites they believe are relevant, authoritative and useful. They measure a website's relevance by using an algorithm (mathematical equation) to look at a number of ranking factors to determine where your website appears in the results for a given search term (keywords).

SEO is designing and developing a website in such a way that it can be found by search engines according to the words and phrases relevant to what the site is about. There are a lot of companies out there that try to make SEO into some form of voodoo or requires a large expensive team to accomplish. They might even guarantee you a first or second place ranking...

Avoid them...   like the plague.

Steps for Successful SEO

So what works? After building a website with an SEO optimized framework, the most important things are really quite simple...

  1. Write fresh, solid and relevant content using words and phrases used by people searching for your product or message.
  2. Over time build links to your site from other legitimate and authoritative sites.
  3. Wait...   wait for it...   repeat numbers 1 and 2.

Ok, that may be over simplifying the SEO process a bit, but if we build your site, our SEO team will make sure everything is done with search engine optimization in mind.

“The Wolf Creek Technology team are professionals, always available if needed, and have driven to the top of Google's listings for our keyword terms.” ~ Korey Beemer, Owner

Best SEO Techniques

Wolf Creek Technology uses a number of SEO best practice rules to ensure your website will rank well on search engines and we also offer SEO services for customers who have a site already in place and want to see search engine ranking improvements.

If you want references of real businesses that have seen the benefits of our SEO work, we would be glad to share them with you.

Contact us if you are in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area or anywhere in the US. We look forward to meeting with you about our SEO solutions.


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